Live unchanged, natural, traditional life in the land of fairy chimneys
First traces about humankind goes back to 500.000 years. So many people has located to this territory and founded civilizations that nobody can guess the number of them. Lifestyle in the rocks has gone on over descents.

Local people started to carve rocks and give shapes whichever they wanted. Then they started to cultivate the ground and lastly they made contribution to the fame of Cappadocia with viniculture, pumpkin seed, potato, apple, apricot.

Cappadocian people live naturally by cooking their own breads, cultivating their own plants.

Pottery, a craft dating back to the Hittite period, is another highlight of the region. This craft has been extanted by descending from father to son; a main factor in means of existence.

Carpet making is another craft that is a means of existence since Byzantine Period in Cappadocia and came to the fore around the world.
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